boba tea

Milk Tea Tea Freshers
4.50/5.50 4.75/5.75 4.50/5.50

Black Taro Rose
Jasmine Green Matcha Mango
Butterfly Pea Oolong Lychee
Thai Tea Taro Coco Passion Fruit
Lavender Grapefruit
Honeydew Peach Oolong
Coconut Green Tea Lemonade
Oval-tine Passion Fruit Butterfly
Butterfly Pea Lemonade

Milk Substitue : Almond, Soy

Brewed Tea Cheese Tea Slush
4/5 M/6.50 L/7.75

Black Thai Tea Taro
Oolong Oolong Coconut
Matcha Matcha Oreo
Jasmine Green Ovaltine Matcha
Honey Oolong Jasmine Green Taro Coco

0.50 0.75

Boba Popping Boba:
Grass Jelly Lychee
Lychee Jelly Mango
Mango Jelly Strawberry

** All Boba Teas and toppings are Gluten Free
*** All Tea Freshers, some Milk Teas with soy or almond milk, and all toppings are Vegan

Choice of Cup 6.95 / Artisanal Cone 8.95 / Bubble Cone 9.95

Cocoa For Nutella
A blend of chocolate ice cream and cocoa puffs, topped with nutella, chocolate chips and teddy graham

A blend of vanilla ice cream and oreos, topped with banana, oreo crunch and condensed milk

Beary Crunchy
A blend of vanilla ice cream, strawberries and fruity pebbles, topped with fruit loops and gummy bears

A blend of chocolate ice cream and captain crunch, topped with cookie crisps, oval-tine and condensed milk

Breakfast of Champions
A blend of vanilla ice cream and corn flakes, topped with strawberries, bananas and honey

Drilled Ice Cream
1 Vanilla or Chocolate + 1 Mix In + 1 Topping + 1 Drizzle

Step 1 : Your choice of
Cup 6.95 / Artisanal Cone 8.95 / Bubble Waffle 9.95

Step 2 : Your choice of
Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream

Step 3 : Mix In
Apple Jacks Fruity Pebbles
Captain Crunch Honey Nut Cheerios
Cocoa Puffs Lucky Charms
Cookie Crisp Oreo
Corn Flakes Pops
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Trix
Fruit Loops

Extra 0.50/each

Step 4 : Toppings
Bananas Mochi
Strawberry Oreos
Cocoa Puffs Pocky
Cookie Crisps Sprinkles
Corn Flakes Marshmellows
Gummy Bears Chocolate Chips
Fruity Pebbles Teddy Grahams

Extra 0.50/each

Step 5 : Drizzles
Condensed Milk

Extra 0.50/each